Gig Update!

Hello everyone,

The Dr. DK Project will be making an appearance at Walnut Street Coffee Cafe in Lynn, Massachusetts, along with classically-trained opera-singer and keyboardist Briana Paquin!  The night starts at 8:00pm, going until 11:30pm!

Gig Updates !

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce a gig at Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA that’s taking place on April 27th at 8 PM.

Another gig is in the works for May at All-Asia in Cambridge.

In the meantime, feel free to stream or purchase tracks from the “Krankshaft (and other stuff)” album via the Bandcamp player on the left, or the Bandcamp website itself !  Also, if you haven’t already done so, please show your support by heading on over to the Facebook fan page and “Like” Dr. DK !

Stay tuned !


Album and Concert News!

The Dr. DK album “Krankshaft (and other stuff)” will be out soon! Featuring goth-inspired dance tracks and instrumentals – For folks who wish to have CDs, a separate page on Bandcamp will be set up for online orders. Downloads will be available this week through the main Bandcamp website.

Also, there will be a concert or three in the works for the coming months.

Keep watch here, on Twitter and Facebook!


A few changes!

Things have gotten busy in the music world, mainly with an accordion, playing various gigs in the North Shore, the most recent of which being a series of performances in Gloucester for a certain “Greasy Pole! The Musical” at The Cape Ann Theatre in Gloucester – already in its second week, with a couple more weeks to go!  Still working on the electronic side of things, as it is, and have an upcoming Dr. DK gig in mid-July (see the gigs page) – and a few gigs at the end of July with Machine 475! So busy with so many dates! For clarity, note that only Dr. DK gigs (or Dr. DK gigs shared with other artists on a given night) are posted on the gigs page.

Oh yes, a nifty integrated Google Calendar is there, now! Also, for the “Music” page: added Soundcloud and Youtube buttons, along with links to aforementioned locations, and a Bandcamp link, for more choices of where/how to listen to Dr. DK music !

As always, if you like what you hear and would like to purchase downloads, feel free to head on over to Dr. DK on Bandcamp!


Busking In Salem

Hello, folks –

I’ve just learned about a couple of new changes for this year for new applicants for street performance licenses in Salem.  I’d like to get the word out, and just passing this along as a message.

In my prior experience of busking in Salem (playing an accordion or a djembe) a performance license would cost only $5 to obtain after a successful application.  Hours performed were generally 10am-8pm, with acoustic instruments only.

The definite changes I am aware of are related to the cost of obtaining a license.  This was explained to me by the licensing department as due to the cost of running background checks, which may cost around $25 to perform.  In short, the city was losing money for every street performance license issued.

The new costs to obtain a street performance license have skyrocketed to either $50 for the month of October only, or $100 for the entire year.

Thoughts?  Feel free to comment on this site in the form below.


The Dr. takes a stab at WordPress (again)…

Hello folks,

After attempting to create a website from the ground up, I thought it would be, at least for the time being, more worthwhile to throw a WordPress template on to this site and just make some fundamental tweaks in order to get a somewhat functional website.  This is, for now, the result.  A true web developer, I am not.

If anyone is willing and able to assist time-wise or otherwise, on a budget the size of much less than a shoestring, I would be extraordinarily grateful!  (And I’ll get you a copy of my music on CD and a beer, to boot.)

Otherwise, please feel free to peruse the website as it is, send any comments or suggestions to me regarding any aspect of it.

In other news, I have a show with Boston-based band Pressure System coming up tomorrow (02/08/2012) at Salem’s Gulu-Gulu Cafe. For event information, you can visit the Facebook event page I’ve set up, here, and let me know if you’re attending!

More to come,